Trin’s story is somewhat sad but she is resilient. She was born without most of the bottom half of her tibia and fibula on her back right leg. Her umbilical cord wrapped around her leg and kept it from growing. I got her when she was about 6 months. My neighbor had a Desert Lynx cat that got out and had some fun with a neighborhood cat. Trin was one of the last of the remaining kittens and the only one with a missing leg. She was the most mellow kitten I had ever met. I noticed her lack of a hind leg and thought is was so cute. I had to take her when my sister brought her over. Unfortunately she had an eye infection in her left eye. When I took her to the vet to get her leg and eye looked at, the Vet said her eye had ulcerated due to the infection and was blind in that eye. I made the decision to get her eye removed at the same time I got her fixed.

A couple weeks after her eye had healed, I noticed that her stub had a hole in it. I bandaged up the stub but it only made it worse and eventually the hole grew to where the bone was sticking out. The vet had to sew up her stub.


Trin a few days after her eye surgery

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